What is Audio Notice Board of Nepal Telecom|Every details

Audio Notice Board of Nepal Telecom is the extra service where subscriber can record their information or notice to their notice board number. The notice board number is the 10-12 digit number with prefix 1618 followed by local area code and phone number like: 1618 + area code+ Telephone number.

The subscriber can record their information using Nepal Telecoms Mobile, Landline, CDMA and VSAT telephone. However, any telecom users can listen the information recorded to that telephone number by dialling the audio notice board number. The recorded notices or information can be easily edited or deleted as required by the subscriber.

1. Is this service is free or not?

The audio notice board service is free for the organisation/party who use this service. However, the people who called the audio notice board is charged according to normal tariff set by Nepal Telecom.

2. How to subscribe the Audio Notice Board service?

In-order to subscribe this service, customer should visit the nearest Nepal Telecom office with the copy of PAN and office registration letter. Also customers can send the details in the mail with attaching the PAN number and office registration letter at in_sundahara@ntc.net.np

3. How to record, edit and delete the notice or information?

In-order to record the notice or information, subscriber must dial 1610 – Area Code – Telephone Number. Example: Dial 1610-01–4241XXX. Then the system will ask you to put the 6 digit security code. Then following the IVR (Interactive Voice Response), subscriber can easily record, edit and delete the notice or information.

4. Who can take benefit from this service?

  1. Schools/Colleges for General and Emergency notices
  2. Business organisations for Product Information, Ads, etc.
  3. Metrology Department for weather updates
  4. Travel Agencies for Travel information
  5. Airline offices for Flight information and updates
  6. Traffic Police Office for Traffic updates
  7. Money Exchanges Centers and Banks for Forex rates
  8. FM radios/TV stations for Program schedules
  9. News Agencies for Breaking News
  10. Astrologers for Horoscopes
  11. Film Halls for recent updates
  12. Education Related Consultancies for related information.
  13. Hospitals, Polyclinics for their services.

5. What are the features of this service?

  1. Free Registration Charge
  2. No need to add new equipment at customer’s premises.
  3. Anyone with landline or without landline can take service.
  4. Notice board owners can record/edit/delete his/her notice board message by themselves.
  5. Notices is password protected so that nobody can edit/play with the uploaded messages apart from the owner.
  6. Message duration for notice can vary from 1-3 minutes.

6. Except Nepal Telecom who else is providing this service?

Except Nepal telecom, other telecom operator like Ncell and Smarttel are not providing this service currently. However, with the demand they might add this service too.

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