How to test internet speed in Nepal in pc and mobile- most reliable

Ever wondered which speed test system is the most reliable in Nepal which will show you the exact speed of the internet. Don’t We are bringing you the list of the best internet speed tester in Nepal which will show the exact speed. Because many ISP’s share the link of the speed tester which will show the higher value than actually it is.

Why some speed test shows higher value than other is because they test or ping to the local server located within Nepal. Due to this, the speed test will show higher value. While some other uses the international server so that some other shows the quite lesser value.

Lets move on the reliable internet speed test online in Nepal fro both PC and mobile:

1. Speedtest :

This is one of the most leading and popular internet speed checker provided by Ookla. You can select the server of the nearest location and test the internet speed. Since this internet speed test is done to the nearest location, this might shows you with higher speed than other internet speed checker.


It is another leading internet speed checker beside speedtest. Generally, it uses the International server to check the internet speed. So this will shows somehow the exact speed of the internet speed.

3. speedcheck:

This is also one of the popular and reliable internet speed checker in Nepal. This is also the accurate internet speed checker in Nepal which shows the stability and transferred speed., IPV4 address.

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