Ncell stops iflix service in Nepal

Ncell, the private telecom provider in Nepal who had been promoting and the solo partner for iflix in Nepal have suddenly halted the service from 6 June 2020.

According to wikipedia, there were total 2.5 crore users across 13 countries in south Asia. Without giving any concrete reason, Ncell issued a notice stating they would now stop providing the iflix services and are sorry for causing inconvenience.

Ncell issue a notice in stopping the iflix service in nepal
Fig: Ncell issue a notice in stopping the iflix service in nepal

Ncell have been providing iflix service in Nepal since 2017. iflix is the online video on demand services where users can watch different videos like movies, tele-serial and many more. Iflix is currently available in 12 countries across Asia except Nepal including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Maldives and Cambodia. Having headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, it was established back in 2014.

iflix was also the online streaming partner during Dhangadi Premiere League 2 back in 2018.

Earlier, the Axiata group have launched the app “Yonder Music” which was also shut down globally. From this scenario we can say that, Nepal is still not ready for subscription based platform. Because, Netflix, an american based company which is similar to iflix is much more popular in developed countries. People in Nepal belief that, by paying the monthly subscription for internet is enough for everything and should not require other subscription.

However, users can still watch the iflix content by paying from other countries. Ncell only have discontinued the services of iflix from Nepal. Currently, there are more than 100’s of nepalese movies in iflix which can be watched by paying for the content or making subscription.

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