Nepal Telecom ADSL package and recharge

Nepal Telecom have been providing the ADSL services for greater than 5 years through its existing PSTN/landline copper wire. According to the latest data provided by NTA, there are 955,446 users of ADSL in whole country.

For its 10 Lakh users, Nepal Telecom have been bringing the attractive packages scheme time to time. Price where different before few years as there were different plans according to different bandwidth. There were 256 and 512 Kbps but now they have all upgraded to upto 5 Mbps with the same price. Also they have installed the Fiber in different places.

1. Nepal Telecom ADSL Package:

There are two packages: a) Volume Based b) Unlimited

However, the bandwidth/speed for both the packages are same i.e subscribers can get speed of upto 5 Mbps.

a) Volume Based ADSL Package:

Fig: Nepal Telecom Volume Based Packages

b) Unlimited ADSL Package:

Fig: Nepal Telecom Unlimited packages

Note: To avail the 1 year subscription within Rs 8000, you should visit the nearest telecom counter else recharging from Esewa/Khalti won’t let you claim the offer which I have faced.

2. Nepal Telecom ADSL Recharge:

We know, we don’t want to go to Nepal Telecom offices to recharge our ADSL bill since there are different payment methods available. So using the payement methods like Esewa/Khalti/IME Pay and many more can be grateful tool to solve our payment issues. We will describe the different recharge or payement methods for Nepal Telecom ADSL services.

a) Recharge by visiting telecom office:

Subscribers can recharge the Nepal Telecom ADSL by going to the nearest Nepal Telecom offices/branches. There will the the bill counter, and by paying we can easily recharge our NT ADSL. Nowadays due to other means, people less visit the telecom office to recharge.

b) Payment via recharge cards:

You can pay the ADSL bill by using the recharge cards.You can easily buy the recharge cards from the nearest shop and recharge via online using this NT link .

Note: Since recharged cards found in market are like 100,200,500 and 1000. So suppose you need to pay Rs 800. You can pay using 500,200 and 100 or you can directly pay Rs 1000. In case of Rs 1000, your Rs 200 will be added in your ADSL account. You will get the service of worth Rs 200 in the next month. So there will not be any issue if you pay extra.

c) Recharge via Debit Card/ ATM card:

Nepal Telecom have started this services before few months back. Users can recharge their ADSL along with other services using the Master Card, Visa and Union Pay. The link for this recharge is

d) Recharge using payment methods:

There are many payment gateway/methods available in the market which lets you recharge the ADSL bill on the go. One of the most popular are Esewa, Khalti and IME Pay. Just login in those app with your account and recharge your ADSL number.

Even, they are providing cashback services on the recharge of upto 3.5%.

e) Recharge by using NT app:

If you haven’t used the Nepal Telecom app, then we highly suggest you to use this app because it has a lot of features and services which will be really beneficial. So using the NT app you even can inquiry the ADSL services like the expire date and the the packages you have subscribed.

So going through NT app, you can see the VAS (Value Added Services) option in the screen. Click and select the district where your ADSL is located. Then insert the number of landline and you can recharge using the recharge cards.

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