List of CDN-Content Delivery Network service provider in Nepal

With the advent of technological changes, internet and consumption of internet’s data is increasing more rapidly. Internet have bring the people more closer than ever. With focusing on the superior delivery of the contents by creating rich experiences among users, many companies around the world are implementing CDN-Content Delivery Networks. In Nepal also, many national and international service provider are providing reliable and paramount CDN services with proliferating their business.

Before going on the main topic, we need to know the basic fundamentals of CDN, working principle and why it have been favored more than installing servers.

Basic Principle:

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is the decentralized servers networked together to provide the faster service. Generally, these are the cache servers which stores the frequently accessed contents into them and upon request, they simply deliver. They tie up with the main servers and share the contents. Facebook, Google,Microsoft and many more companies which are content based tech industry are now the major users of CDN services.

Have you ever notice, why Google and YouTube is fast in Nepal but why not TikTok?

The simple answer is they uses cache servers to store the contents. They have installed the cache servers in Ncell and NTC premise along with other ISP’s to deliver the contents more faster. So their contents delivery rate is higher leading to faster while other services like Vimeo video and TikTok are slow.

How CDN works?

Lets directly jump on an example of Facebook. Facebook has its main servers in USA. However its traffic comes from all the countries. In order to access to my facebook contents, I need to get connected to the servers located in USA. If I am in Nepal and the data is in USA, the data from servers need to travel a long distance to Nepal. Ultimately, it would take a lot more time to get access to Facebook. Now after adding cache servers in Nepal, the contents will be available from Nepal and the time to fetch it would be very less. Ultimately, making an effective faster services.

The CDN servers generally connect with Internet Exchange Group to provide the CDN services. Details: Insight depth of Nepal Internet Exchange(NPIX)

Secret behind Onlinekhabar and Hamropatro’s fast browsing service!

They have used the CDN to share the contents. When any contents primarily news are updated on their sites, at first the main hosting server stores the contents in their server. Now the same contents are shared to the multiple CDN servers located to various places across the world. So wherever the main hosting server is located, the CDN helps to deliver the contents as if the hosting server is within the country. This is reason why, onlinekhabar shows the content as soon as we hit the enter key.

The below figure depicts clearly on how the shared CDN networks works effectively.

CDN-Content Delivery Networks diagram of servers locating in various regions //Source: Cloudfare

Why companies prefer CDN rather than the main hosting server?

The large social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have been implementing CDN networks all over the world but why not hosting server? The reason is, in-order to create a new server, it would cost much more money. So instead, they tie up with the local telecom and ISP vendor and put their cache servers in their existing facility. This type of partnership is almost all around the world to provide the service but by cutting the expenses.

Now lets list the best CDN service provider in Nepal

A) Cloudfare:

Cloudfare is the number one leading Content Delivery Network service provider in Nepal. It has installed servers to support the CDN services in Nepal. They stated, “Nepal is its 123 data center located in Kathmandu“. They have their servers extended to 200 cities in more than 95 countries. It have been in operation since 2009 and have been providing the different services to over 7 Million customers. .

Apart from Content Delivery Network, they have been providing other internet solutions like DDoS Protection, Web application firewall,Public DNS resolver, Reverse proxy, Domain registrar, Network time services, WARP and Cloudflare TV .

B) Akamai CDN:

Akamai is also the international CDN-Content Delivery Network providers in Nepal, positioning second behind cloudfare. Communications and Communicate Nepal Pvt. Ltd have done partnership with Akamai to provide the CDN services. Beside Communications and Communicate Nepal, there are other vendors also who have been using their CDN services to provide the explicitly services. Nepal telecom have installed Akamai servers before Google servers from which accessing Microsoft and Yahoo services was easier.

Akamai Technologies started their services back in 1998 from US. Akamai also have intelligent platform. It is a distributed cloud computing platform that operates worldwide. It is a network of over approximately 275,000 servers deployed in more than 136 countries.

c) Google cache server:

Google have already deployed its cache servers in Nepal. Back in 2011, Google have installed GGC servers in Nepal telecom premise Jwalakhel, kathmandu. From then, the contents of google were faster to the users in Nepal. This is the reason behind YouTube fast in Nepal.

The google termed this cache server as Google Global Cache or GGC. Google Global Cache (GGC) represents the final tier of Google’s content delivery platform and acts as an intermediary between an internet user and Google’s data center. With GGC, network operators and Internet Service Providers deploy a small number of Google servers inside their network to serve popular Google content, including YouTube. Google’s traffic management system directs users to the node that will provide the best performance for the user.

The other CDN are Cloudinary, GoDaddy CDN, Twitter CDN, Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network, and many more.

Besides these International company, there are Nepali company who have been providing the CDN services. They are particular the host company like Himalayan Host and Data Hub.

Also, ISP like, WorldLink also partners with various Content Delivery Network (CDN) like Google, Facebook and Akamai and host their servers locally.

If you know more about CDN service provider in Nepal, let the whole world knows in the comment section below.

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