Same code to be used to check,transfer and recharge balance across all telecom operator

The mobile users in Nepal now can use the same shortcut code to check, transfer and recharge the balance among the different telecom operators. Earlier, each operator like NTC, Ncell and Smartcell have their own short code code to facilitate these common services.

This new system was landed by NTA, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, the governing body for telecom and communication in Nepal. Now the short code codes and toll free number will be fully amend within 1 year. This whole new system is under the new procedure prepared by NTA as – procedure to manage the short codes and toll free number.

After this new system, users will have ease to do the basic things like to check the balance, transfer and recharge just by one code across all the telecom operators.

Within next 6 months, all the telecom operators must use 144 to check the balance, 133 to transfer balance and 122 to recharge the balance.

According to NTA, due to different short codes among different telecom operators, users were quite confuse since many users use two SIM cards at once. Similarly, NTA also found quite hectic to issue the different short codes to every telecom operators.

For now both old and new codes will work so as to trend the people with the new code. But after 1 year, old codes will be completely ineffective.

New rule for Toll Free Number

NTA also have bring the new rule and procedure for the effectiveness of the toll free number which Nepal Telecom and Ncell have been distributing. NTC have been distributing 11 digit toll free number starting from 1660 and Ncell with 10 digit number. Now, with the new rule, all telecom operators will give toll free number of 10 digit starting from 1800 and a single digit number to differentiate the operator and after that other 5 digit number will be unique.

Eg: 1800(Starting toll free code)+1(This can be number 2, as it depends upon telecom)+34567( this is unique subscriber number)

With this new system, the users of Nepal Telecom can call the toll free number of Ncell and vice versa. Earlier, this was not possible. Now, companies wouldn’t need to get the different toll free number according to telecom operators, as single toll free number will work for all.

This new system will also be implemented within 1 year. Now, the existing toll free number will be amended.

Service according to length of number:

Now with this new law, there will be other various changes.

Companies using 4 digit short codes to provide services will need to take 10 digit toll free number. So, this 4 digit number will be only facilitate to the governmental bodies. However, the amount for toll free charge will be as instructed by NTA only. Telecom operators would be refrain from making decisions in charges in toll free services.

Likewise, the existing 3 digit number will only be provided to emergency response services like police, fire, ambulance and so on. Similarly, all the 4 digit services used via SMS and voice call will be transferred to 5 digit.

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