WorldLink launch tahalka offer! Internet and IPTV at Rs 799 per month

WorldLink communications have launched the new offer offering at the most competitive price of internet at Rs 799 per month with IPTV. In IPTV also, there would be around 200 channels. This is one of the most lucrative package worldllink have recently brought.

This scheme is recently brought by worldlink and named as “Tahalka”. This packages is of 10 Mbps bandwidth. The price per month will be Rs 799 and for 12 months it would be Rs 9588. The price is cheaper however there are other limits. In wifi, you can only connect to 3 devices. Also, this packages is available for 12 moths scheme, i.e you cannot subscribe this package of 3 months or 6 months. You need to subscribe a yearly package directly. Also, the IPTV would be compatible with only 1 TV. So you cannot connect more than one TV at a time.

Worldlink tahalka offer price list
Pic: Worldlink tahalka offer price list

This tahalka packages by worldlink is seems to be going competitive with NT’s fiber net. As, NT have its most popular package of 8Mbps internet at Rs 8000/year. However, there is no IPTV on this package. There is another package by NT which is of 15Mbps unlimited internet , NTTV and free telephone of 250 minutes as below with inclusion of TAX and VAT. IPTV by NT is the recent service they are brought upon, whereas worldlink have been providing IPTV services for more than 3 years.

Nepal Telecom fiber packages with TAX/VAT
Nepal Telecom fiber packages with TAX/VAT

Conclusion: This tahalka offer by worldlink is competative in price but what about the restriction they made that wifi can only be connect to 3 devices only?? They have 10Mbps limit in this packages but how can they put limit on the devices the end user can connect?? Let us hear your view on this action on the comment section below.

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    Purano users lepani yo offer pauxan ki ? Naya lai matrai ho?


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