Nepal government to sold Nepal Telecom share to NT users of worth Rs 4.45 Arba equals to 22%

Nepal government on Saturday May 29 have announced budget for fiscal year 2078/2079.

On the announcement, Minister Bishnu Paudel told that government 22% share in NT will be sold to the existing Nepal Telecom customers. The customers can be NT SIM users, landline users, CDMA users , FTTH users, VSAT users and so on.

Currently, Nepal government have 91.49% share in the Nepal Telecom. The total numbers of outstanding share is 150,000,000.00 i.e 15 crore units. As of LTP, the value of each share is equal to Rs 1,356.00 . However, users will get the shares in lesser value as of Minister Paudel.

Currently, Nepal Telecom have been providing VoLTE for the first time in Nepal among other operators. Check your phone, if it supports or not here.

After this the government-public share holdings in Nepal Telecom will be 69.49% to 30.51%.

This was announced during budget declaration and according to him, all the process regarding share sell criteria to NT users will be declared in Asar 2078 BS.

Nepal Telecom is the most profitable government subsidiary company incorporated. It have been running Landline, GSM, ADSL, FTTH, VoIP and many more services.

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