CGNET starts internet service of 120 Mbps at Rs 999

CG, Chaudhary Group, have started the internet service under it’s subsidiary company CGNET, which is under CG Communications. The company set the promotional offer at a very competitive price of 120 Mbps at Rs 999 per month only.

Cgnet have introduced two segments in their ISP service list. One is residential while other is corporate.

The residential packages have 120 Mbps bandwidth and will cost Rs 999/ month. There is no other packages except this. This same package would cost Rs 2997 for 3 Month , Rs 5994 for 6 moths and Rs 11998 for 12 Months. However, this amount is exclusive of 13% VAT.

120Mbps packages of CGNET
120Mbps packages of CGNET

However, FUP-Fair Usage Policy is applicable on this services. FUP is a set of standard setup by service provider inorder to effectively provide internet services to all the customers. We have covered FUP in this article in a depth.

FUP: Untold Lie beside high Bandwidth

According to CGNET, the FUP is based on monthly uses. Please find the FUP policy of CGNET below.

FUP Policy of CGNET
FUP Policy of CGNET

CGNET’s Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is applicable only on Individual/Residential packages. CGNET screens exorbitant utilization in a month to month cycle. Information utilization is determined by adding both download and transfer information utilized each month.

There are three degrees of speed choking done relying upon client’s use inside a month to month cycle. At intersection Level 1 Fair Usage Quota limit the customer’s speed will be choked to half, at Level 2 speed will be choked to 30% and at level 3 speed will be choked to 10%. If a customer has crossed the FUP Quota threshold, their data usage counter will reset at the first of every month and their Internet will return to its original speed.

Service Area

CG have stated that they will launch in every places of valley within a year but now it have limited in some part of Lalitpur. Jhamsikhel and some part of Jwalakhel are the areas where service is currently available.

Please find the map of the location where CGNET is currently available in this link.

CGNET Terms of Service

The CG network have issued the terms of service as below:

CGNET Terms and Service

Will this be an advantage to customers who have been facing headache with other ISP?

The honest answer is may be. The reason for may be is the brand value which CG is carrying for more years. However, with the increase in service area and increase in customer, we could see the reluctant of service provider in caring customer. Hope this will be opposite case for CGNET.

For CGNET, this is the right time to provide quality services as sought. If done, I can see there would be rampant in customers.

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