NTC Vacancy 2021 in more than 250 seats :Full Details

NTC have announced vacancy in 20 positions in more than 250 seats in 2021. This vacancy of Nepal Telecom (NTC) in 2021/2078 is very huge.

The various position in NTC ranges from Manager Level 9 to Junior Technician in Level 3.

In Engineering and IT, the vacancy is for applicants who have electrical, electronics, civil and computer engineering degree. Likewise other vacancy includes in legal, general management, operation and accounting.

The Last date to apply in single fee is within 21 days from today (Mangsir 3) to Mangsir 23 while the double fee is applicable from Mangsir 24 to Mangsir 30 2078. So we request you to fill the form within this date.

All application is registered in online system using NTC recruitment link:

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Written, Interview and Practical ( For Technical Services, applicable for Level 3rd and 4th)

The written examination will be conducted by Lok Sewa Aayog.

Application Deadline:
– Normal Fee: 2078/08/23 (9 December 2021)
– Double Late Fee: 2078/01/01 (16 December 2021)

To apply the NTC vacancy:

ntc vacancy 2021
NTC Vacancy 2021

Download Syllabus:

Click Below Post/ level Name to view & Download NTC Nepal Telecom Syllabus

  1. L-5 Overseer – Open
  2. L10- Account Manager (Internal)
  3. L9 – Dy Manager Accout- Open and Internal
  4. L8 – Snr Account Officer- Open and Internal
  5. L8 – Chartered Accountant – Open
  6. L7 – Account Officer- Internal
  7. L6 – Asst Account Officer -Open & Internal
  8. L9 – DY Manager Admin – Open and Internal
  9. L8 – SNR Administrative officer -Open and Internal
  10. L8 – SNR Business officer – Open and Internal
  11. L7 – Business Officer -Internal
  12. L7 – Admin Officer-Internal
  13. L6 – Asst. Law Officer-Open and Internal
  14. L6 – Asst. Business Officer-Open and Internal
  15. L6 – Asst. Admin Officer-Open and Internal
  16. L5 – Snr Assistant admin -Internal
  17. L4 – Assistant (admin )-Open Competition
  18. L10 Manager Telecom -Internal
  19. L7 Technical Officer internal
  20. L9 Dy Manager Telecom Open and Internal
  21. L8 Snr Technical officer internal (Technical Gr)
  22. L8 Senior Engineer Open and Internal (Telecom gr.)
  23. L7 Electronics & Communications Engineer( Open/Internal)
  24. L7 Electrical Engineer (Open / Internal)
  25. L7 Computer Engineer(Open / Internal)
  26. L7 Civil Engineer(Open / Internal)
  27. L6 Assistant Technical Officer internal
  28. L5 Senior Technician Internal
  29. L4 Technical- open , internal and Practical
  30. L3 Junior Technician Open ,Internal and Practical exam

Tha craze of Nepal Telecom among aspirants is quite high as it is the most profitable government owned company. The facilities and services to the employee of Nepal Telecom is very high as compared to other company. So there is no doubt that this 2021 vacancy of Nepal Telecom will create a tough competition among applicants.

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5 thoughts on “NTC Vacancy 2021 in more than 250 seats :Full Details

  • Hii , Please update the latest one too Informations too . I was unlucky as I am reading it after 3 years. Anyway, it might have helped to others .Happy for them

  • Susmita pokharel

    I’am interested Nepal Telecom.

    • Hi, Nepal Telecom have been opening different vacancies mostly on yearly basis. For now, vacancies have been closed. To join Nepal Telecom, you need to prepare well and give loksewa exam. So, keep preparing for exam and once vacancies is opened give exam. All the best.


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