Optical Fiber subscribers reached 15 Lakhs-List

As of Asoj 2078, the subscribers subscribing optical fiber as internet crossed 15 Lakhs. The actual number of subscribers is 15,79,438.

This subscribers data is published by NTA periodically in every month. In this Asoj 2078 MIS report, 17,92,524 are internet subscriptions using cable, wireless and optical fiber. This number exclude the mobile data users. Out of these: wireless, cable and optical fiber have 41000, 172086 and 1579438 subs respectively.

In the previous month (Bhadra 2078), total subscribers were 1,742,700. In fiber optic, there were 1,534,960 subscribers. Within 1 months, these rise by almost 45,000.

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Out of around 15 Lakhs subscribers in optical fiber, majority stake is captured by Worldlink communications with 5,41,402 subs. Later followed by subisu with 2,08,817 subs.

Optical Fiber subscribers list
Optical Fiber subscribers list

With over 90% broadband internet penetration in Nepal, the distribution of optical fiber in internet plays a vital role. In 2010, there were only 13,000 fiber and wireless subscribers. This number raised to 53,050 by 2015. This rise tends to increase so abruptly that it reached 10,68,235 by 2020. And by 2021, it almost rise by 50% and crossed 15 Lakhs.

The main factors to rise in fiber optic subscribers is the need for internet speed and bandwidth. The optical fiber is one of the best communication media which supports large bandwidth required for home, enterprise and corporate. The flexibility in bandwidth with low loss (minimum interference), lower maintenance cost adds value for its rise.

We can see, from 2020 to 2021, there increased by more than 5 Lakhs subscribers alone in optical fiber. This is due to covid-19 by which many office work and schooling were being done from home. After post covid-19 also, the culture of working from home have been set and there have been necessity to have high speed internet connection.

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