NTA to regulate IoT and M2M-Draft proposed

NTA, Nepal Telecommunication Authority, governing body for telecom and communication, have proposed draft to regulate IoT and M2M in Nepal. This is the raw draft issued by NTA in-order to collect feedback and suggestions before commissioning as laws.

IoT is Internet of Things and M2M means Machine to Machine communication. These both technology is naive in Nepal. As these technologies uses is rampant in other countries, NTA begins its regulatory work in order to frame it under a fixed law.

The first draft is issued by NTA in Mangsir 16, 2078 which is named as ” Draft Regulatory Framework for IoT/M2M Communication 2078″. NTA issued draft with aim to collect the suggestion, feedback or correction and urges for the same from consultant, supervisors and experts from this domain within 1 month. The suggestion can be given via mail, fax or phone as listed in NTA website.

The IoT and M2M is categorized into two domains based on uses of coverage by this draft. These are indoor services and outdoor services. For indoor services, licensing is not required and for outdoor services, licensing is required and would be given by NTA to operate. This IoT/M2M draft states that, the service provider who wish to provide the outdoor services would be Authorized Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), Network Service Providers (NSPs), and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). The other one who could provide services would be Authorized IoT/M2M service providers.

The Authorized IoT/M2M service providers shall provide services by using the network provided by the TSPs, NSPs, and ISPs, as of traditional Value Added Service (VAS) providers. The authority may prepare and suitably amend the authorization conditions as per needed.

The NTA proposed two ways by which IoT/M2M services can be operated: Cellular and Non Cellular.

1. Cellular IoT/M2M:

Cellular IoT Services shall be provided only by the Mobile Service licensee and Basic Telecommunications Service licensee.

2. Non Cellular IoT/M2M:

License exempted(free) bands for IoT, UWB band, SRD bands and ISM bands as specified by NTA shall be used under given condition for non-cellular IoT/M2M applications.

What is IoT and M2M?

IoT is termed as internet of things. IoT is the way of collecting, sharing and controlling the devices and equipment’s connected to each other via a network of internet. We can control our home appliances like TV, Refrigerator, Waching Machine, Doors and the sensors connected into it using internet is one of the implementation using IoT.

M2M is termed as Machine to Machine communication. The M2M is the technology where the connected devices perform actions using AI or algorithm without human intervention. They are capable of what to do and what not to do during the operation. Remote sensing of weather in agriculture field and dispensing water automatically is one of example of M2M.

Future is IoT and M2M

According to pentasecurity, more than 50 billion devices will be connected in IoT and M2M technology. The accumulation of big data will enable to do automation and making smart decision like no before in industries, health care, education, and many more sector. This will make human life much more easier, fully automatic and less dependent to human intervention. Apart, security risk and managing the data will somehow make hectic.

Draft focused in Data Security:

The proposed draft to regulate IoT/ M2M by NTA have focused in keeping the accumulated data in a proper and secure manner. This may be due to earlier data breaches in different sectors like Vianet, Foodmandu and banks. The proposed draft clearly instructs the service provider to comply the following criteria.

I. Host all servers used in providing IoT services and store all data within the territory of Nepal
II. Responsible for data breaches and privacy
III. Report the data breaches to the NTA within five working days after becoming aware of such a breach.
IV. Maintaining and storing the data as per existing data retention rules for telecommunication services.
V. Comply with all the laws, regulations and requirements issued by NTA concerning data management including security, privacy and protection of IoT user’s data

These regulation focusing in data security, privacy and management will enable for safer computation and usages of IoT/M2M devices and services.

The draft can be viewed and download from : “Draft Regulatory Framework for IoT/M2M Communication 2078”

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