NTA Vacancy 2021 – Nepal Telecommunication Authority

NTA, the apex body for telecommunication and communication in Nepal have issued vacancy in various position for 10 seats in 2021. NTA have opened vacancies for its positions in open and internal competition.

The exam of NTA will be taken by Lok Sewa Ayog (Public Service Commission). Lok Sewa ayog is the government recruitment body which open vacancies, take exam and recruit employees for government services including Nepal Telecommunication Authority NTA, Nepal Telecom, Nepal Rastra Bank, etc. PSC recruitment is believed to be the most fair.

NTA Nepal Telecommunication Authority Job Vacancy Notice: 2078 Mangsir 19
Last Date to Apply: 21 days from Vacancy Published date ( 2078 Poush 9)
Job Application Process: Online Job Apply via NTA (Apply Link Given below)
Application Fee/ Form Details: All the details are given below.

NTA Vacancy 2021
NTA Vacancy 2021

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NTA Vacancy 2021
NTA Vacancy 2021

How to Apply?

The NTA vacancy of 2021 can be applied online. For officer and higher lever, master degree in the relevant field is mandatory and for assistant and junior assistant, bachelor degree in similar field is required.

In addition, for engineering officer, the registration certificate of engineering council is also required.

To apply click this link: Apply Online NTA Vacancy 2021

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Download Syllabus of Nepal Telecommunication Authority Vacancy:

Click on each link to download the syllabus

1. Assistant Director Prashan Internal Syllabus

2. Deputy Director Prashasan Internal Syllabus

3. Assistant Director -Account Open Syllabus

4. Assistant Director- Admin Open Syllabus

5. Assistant -open Syllabus

6. Asstant Director- Engineering- nternal/Open Syllabus

7. Assistant Director- Law Open Syllabus

Nepal Telecommunication Authority is central authority for managing, controlling and authorizing the communication in Nepal. It makes laws, amend laws and promulgate laws related to communication in Nepal. Apart, it does following functions:

Granting Licenses to operate the telecommunications service in private sector. Involving national and foreign private sector investors in the operation of the Telecommunications Service.

NTA prescribe, fix and approve the standard and quality standard of the plant and equipment relating to the telecommunications and the telecommunications service. Approving and regularizing the fees to be collected by the licensee for providing the telecommunications Service.

Regularly inspecting and monitoring the activities carried out by service providers to ensure that the quality of service and quality standard in telecom equipments have been maintained. Settling dispute between two service providers or a service provider and its customers.

Providing suggestions to Nepal Government on the policy, plan and program to be adopted by Nepal Government for the development of the telecommunications service.

The NTA announce vacancy in various position yearly. In 2021, there is vacancy for 10 seats in 4 different positions.

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