Top 5 telecom companies in the world by subscribers in 2022

We list down the top 5 telecom companies in the world in 2022. There are around 1731 operators operating in 195 countries worldwide.

The telecom operators are using latest technology to provide the telecom services among users. Many telecom companies have been gone into merger or acquisition due to high competition in-order to remain sustain in the competitive market.

1. China Mobile Communication Coorporation

china mobile
China mobile

It is also known as china mobile. It is the state owned telecom of government of china having share holding 75% and public’s rest 25%.

In 2021, there were about 945.50 million subscribers. In china, the penetration of china mobile to its rural customer is 100%.

Technology Used:

  • TD-LTE, FD-LTE (Hong Kong only)

China Mobile have about 70% market share. It have also been providing services in Hong Kong too. Besides, Hongkong it have been providing services in Pakistan (as Zong) , Japan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Singapore and Canada (as CMLink).

2. Bharti Airtel:

Bharti Airtel is the second largest telecom companies in the world after china mobile having subscribers of about 480 million. As compare to china mobile, bharti mobile subscribers is nearly half. Like china mobile, Bharti airtel is also operating its services in 18 overseas countries in South Asia and Africa.

Technology Used:

Bharti Airtel
Bharti Airtel
  • LTE, TD-LTE, FD-LTE, LTE Advanced

It have been providing following services:

  • Fixed line telephone
  • Mobile phone
  • Broadband
  • Satellite television
  • Payment bank
  • Digital television
  • Internet television
  • IPTV

3. Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited:

Reliance Jio is the third largest telecom companies in the world having subscribers of 425 million subscribers.

Jio is the telecommunication company in India spreading in all 22 states. It only provides 4G LTE and voice over LTE instead of 2G and 3G. It is the largest mobile network operator in India and the third largest mobile network operator in the world .

Technology Used:

  • 850(B5)/1800(B3)/2300(B40) LTE, TD-LTE, FD-LTE, LTE-A
  • VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi
  • WiFi

Jio was founded in 15 February 2007 by multibillionaire Mukesh Ambani.

It have been providing following products:

  • Fixed line telephone
  • Mobile phones
  • Wireless broadband
  • Internet services
  • OTT Services

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china telecom
China Telecom

4. China Telecom:

China Telecom Corp., Ltd. was incorporated on 10 September 2002 as a limited company. China Mobile Communication Corporation has its 70% share in China Telecom. It has 362.49 million subscribers of of 2021.

Technology Used:

  • TD-LTE, LTE, LTE Advanced

5. Vodafone Group Plc

Vodafone Group Plc is a British multinational telecommunications company. Vodafone owns and operates networks in 22 countries, with partner networks in 48 further countries. It have 315 million subscribers.

It has been providing following services.

  • Fixed telephony
  • Mobile telephony
  • Broadband
  • Digital television
  • Internet television
  • IPTV
  • IoT

Technology Used:

  • HSPA, HSPA+,
  • LTE, LTE Advanced
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