Ncell launches Home and Away Data Pack for Dashain offer

A new data offer has been introduced by Ncell, one of the top telecom providers in Nepal. In honor of the festivities, it has released the “Home and Away Data Pack.” New data packs and discounts are constantly being created by the company.

Starting on September 29, 2022, a data offer is now available. By just calling 1712330#, one can sign up for the pack. The Ncell App and the official Ncell website can also be used for subscribing this Ncell Home and Away Data Pack. 

This offer is launched on occasion of dashain festival 2079.

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Ncell Home and Away Data Pack for Dashain Offer:

Once the product is activated, 10 of the closest Ncell network towers will be recorded as HOME LOCATIONs upon activating data sessions, allowing for the consumption of 30GB of 4G HOME DATA. Your data session will begin using another 30GB of AWAY DATA as soon as you move to another location.

Data Volume

Rs. 59930GB 4G30GB All time28 days
Ncell Home and Away Data Pack

More Q&As

In regard of Home and Away data pack of Ncell, there are following description.

What does Home & Away Data mean?

A new data pack called “Home & Away Data” gives you access to both 30GB of mobile data for use at home and 30GB of data for use when traveling. The 10 nearest Ncell network towers will be locked as your home location once the pack is activated, allowing you to surf Home mobile data. Any network and any place are compatible with the 30GB Away mobile data plan.

How should I use my away data?

Anywhere besides your home location is a good place to use Away data. You will be able to use away data at your home location once the home data is finished.

How do I purchase this product?

You can activate the product via USSD by dialing 1712330#, or you can download the Ncell app and activate the pack in the data pack area.

Is this product accessible to every Ncell user?

Yes, all Ncell users have access to this product.

Is it possible for me to change my location?

Yes, you can contact our customer service representative to reset your HOME LOCATION by dialing 9005.

If my HOME & AWAY Data runs out, what will happen?

As data session on main balance is blocked on this data pack till pack validity, after your HOME & AWAY Data expires, you can purchase any other data pack to continue the session.

Is there any speed limit on HOME & AWAY Data pack?

You can enjoy available 4G speed on HOME & AWAY Data pack. No speed limit is applied on the product.

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