CG Telecom lost it License- NTA confirmed

CG Telecom, a conglomerate of Chaudhary Group (CG) which have taken Rural Telecommunication Services license have lost it amid confusion as confirmed by NTA on 18 December 2023 ( 2 Poush 2080 ). CG have taken this licensee before 2 decades i.e 2060 BS.

As disclosed by NTA, an authority body for Telecom and Communication in Nepal, have sent the letter on Monday (18 December 2023) confirming that license have been provoked. The main reason behind this is that, CG Telecom had reluctant to pay the renewal charges and application to NTA.

As according to NTA, in-order to withstand the existing license, CG Telecom should have paid the renewal fee with application within Mangsir 16, 2080. However failed to do so would automatically provoke the license to NTA.

CG Telecom have taken Rural Telecommunication License in 2060 Mangsir 5 with intention to operate and provide services in rural areas as directed by NTA. The license period would be of 25 years. It should be renewed at every 10 years. So this was the second time CG should have applied for renewal application. But, CG have shown reluctance in submitting the application for renewal of this license.

In recent years, Chaudhary Group have been lobbing to get the unified license to operate mobile communications in Nepal. However, before operating in city areas, telecom operators must provide services in rural areas. With this work only, NTA have provision to provide unified license. On this contrary, CG most of the time used to blame NTA for not giving unified license and doing discrimination. However, NTA officials always condemn and says to come under valid rules and regulation. However, CG is running CGnet as ISP in Nepal. CG net is popular in city areas as it have launched its FTTH services providing high bandwidth at affordable rates.

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