Nepal Telecom Milestones List

These below is the achievements or milestones list of Nepal Telecom since its it was established. For serving over 100 glorious years to Nepal and Nepalese, Nepal Telecom have always been active in adopting new technologies and services.

1916- Establishment of first telephone lines in Kathmandu

1916-Establishment of Open wire Trunk Link from Kathmandu to Raxaul (India)

1935-Installation of 25 lines automatic exchange in Royal Palace

1936-Installation of Open Wire Trunk line from Kathmandu to Dhankuta

1950-Establishment of Telegram Service

1950-Introduction to High frequency Radio System (AM)

1950-Establishment of CB telephone exchange (100 lines) in Kathmandu

1951-Installation of Open Wire Trunk line from Kathmandu to Palpa

1955-Distribution of telephone line to general public in Kathmandu (300 lines Cross Bar Exchange)

1963-Establishment of first 1000 lines Automatic Exchange in Kathmandu

1964-Beginning of International Telecommunications Service using HF Radio to India and Pakistan

1971-Introduction of Telex Services

1974-Microwave transmission links establishment for international trunk

1982-Establishment of Standard “B” Type Earth Station for international circuits

1982-Establishment of SPC telex exchange

1983-Establishment of Digital Telephone Exchange

1984-Commencement of STD service

1984-Reliable Rural Telecom Service (JICA system)

1987-Commencement of ISD service

1995-Installation of Optical Fiber Network

1996-Conversion of all transmission link to Digital Transmission Link

1996-Introduction of VSAT services

1996-Automation of the entire Telephone Network

1996-Independent International Gateway Exchange established

1997-Digital Link with D.O.T. India through Optical Fiber in Birgunj – Raxual

1998-Direct Link with Bangladesh

1999-Launching of GSM Mobile service

2000-Implementation of SDH Microwave Radio

2000-Launching of Internet Service

2001-Launching of Payphone Service

2001-Launching of International Roaming in GSM mobile service

2002-East West Highway Optical Fiber Project

2003-GSM Prepaid Service

2004-NEPAL TELECOM (Transformation from Corporation to Nepal Doorsanchar Company Limited)

2004-Pre-paid Calling Card Service (IN Services)

2004-Launching of SLC Result via IVR system (1600)

2005-Soft launch of CDMA

2005-Access Network Services

2005-Outsourcing of Enquiry Service (197)

2006-PSTN Credit Limit Service – PCL (IN)

2006-Home Country Direct Service – Nepal Direct (IN)

2006-MCC (198) Complaint Registration via IVR in Kathmandu Valley

2006-CDMA services in Kathmandu Valley

2007-National Roaming for CDMA Mobile (Sky Phone) started

2007-PSTN Bill Enquiry Service started via 1606 IVR Service

2007-VOIP Call Complaint Registration started via 188 IVR Service

2007-GPRS, 3G and CRBT Services introduced in GSM Mobile

2008-Broadband ADSL Service launched

2008-IVR Service 1607 started for GSM and CDMA PUK Enquiry

2008-IVR 198 service extended for ADSL Fault Complaint Registration

2008-PSTN VMS – Notice Board Service Launched

2009-IVR 198 Service extended outside KTM valley

2009-IVR 1606 Service extended outside Kathmandu Valley

2009-SMS Service from GSM to CDMA mobile started

2009-Postpaid CDMA Mobile Service started

2010-EVDO Service started

2010-Launching of EasyPhone SIP EasyCall Service

2011-Launching of EasyPhone SIP PPP Service

2011-Launching of GSM 3G Data Only Service

2011-First International Carrier Partner’s Meet organized by NT

2011-GSM 3G Data Card service introduced

2012-WiMAX 4G service launched

2012-IP-CDMA system commissioned

2012-Convergent Real Time Billing and Customer Support system launched

2012-IP-Based Wireline Network (NGN) service launched

2014-Wi-Fi Hotspot, NT Official Mobile App

2015-FTTH service launched

2015-Social Site “Meet” launched

2016-NT Pro service launched

2017-4G/LTE service launched

2020-VoLTE launched

2022-eSIM launched

In summary, Nepal Telecom over 100 years have been in different phases and technology. From wired, wireless, optical fiber, 2G, 3G to 5G technology, NT have come over long journey and above is the milestones.

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