UPDATED 2024-Lost your Mobile? Nepal Police, NTA will get your phone back

Loosing the mobile phones is always uncertain, so to find the lost phone in Nepal has always been a challenge. We don’t know where and when our mobile phones will go far from us without giving any notice. We loose our cell phones while going to club,crowded area or even while going through bus or taxi.

After loosing cell phones, some just blame themselves for the fault and be assured that the phone cannot be returned-back while others become optimistic and find the possible ways to get the phone back.

This post is for both the type of people to find the lost mobile in Nepal. We loose our phone and worry about how to get the lost phone?  If so, then You have come to the right place, read from top to last of this page, we will guide you in details to help to get your phone back without any cost i.e absolutely free.

In Nepal, if you lost your phone, then there is only two possibilities by which you may get your phone back.

These TWO are NTA-Nepal Telecommunication Authority and Nepal Police.

Keep in mind that, except these two organization, others can’t help you. Well you may see in internet that:  they can  track your phone online and help you to get your phone back and for this you need to pay charge but  these all are fake.

Those are scammers and are doing business by creating fake mobile tracker website. As a result, they can’t trace because they don’t have authority to access the mobile operator internal Network. In order to collect the mobile information, approval from government organization is mandatory because privacy is major concern. The telecom operators won’t give any user data to unauthorized party.

So after the direction from Nepal police and NTA ,operators like Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Telecom will provide the details of mobile. Operators need to provide the sim card information i.e personal information by which the SIM card is taken in which the lost handset is running. By using this technique, these two organizations only can sort the problem off.

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So we will include the details and process along with form to be fill to file a report against lost or stolen cell phone. Before proceeding make sure you have the following details.

  • IMEI of the cell phones that you have lost.
  • Mobile details like model, company name, lost date and location(it is needed because NTA and Police will check for lost/found cases also).
  • Identification document like Citizenship.(If you are foreign national you need to attach the soft copy of the passport with valid visa)

Don’t worry this will be completed within just 15 minutes. Make sure you follow the below post carefully.

Let’s discuss one by one with full details:

1.Nepal Telecommunication Authority(NTA):

NTA is the central authority body of Nepal which directs,supervise and manage the telecommunication operator of Nepal. All operator running in Nepal must obey the rules and regulations along with the commands as directed by NTA.

From 2018, it have helped to find and get your lost mobile phones in Nepal. At first we need to fill the form which includes all the phone details along with the personal details.

This is the link where you will be putting details.
Now after this, you need to put details of the phones along with IMEI. IMEI is the 15 digit unique number of the device.

IMEI is mandatory because the phones are traced using IMEI. One thing you should never do mistake is in filling the IMEI. If you fill the incorrect IMEI keep in mind that you won’t get your phones back for your life time despite many attempts. Also the proof for personal identification like citizenship, passport or license  is also compulsory. 
I have attached the sample picture for your reference here:

Link to register: Lost/ Stolen Registration Online Form

lost stolen mobile registration in nepal telecommunication authority
Image: lost-stolen-mobile-registration-in-nepal-telecommunication-authority

Always give correct details. After filling the form, click Validate and Continue button as you can see. And in next page you will see field to update the valid legal document and email ID. After uploading all the necessary documents and email id, you will receive OTP in Email to verify the process.

NTA lost/stolen mobile OTP
Image: NTA lost/stolen mobile OTP

You will get the OTP in email. Verify the OTP and you will get the confirmation email with details as below.

Lost/Stolen Mobile Registration Confirmation
Image: Lost/Stolen Mobile Registration Confirmation

This is the final step and after this NTA will begin tracking the lost/stolen mobile. You can even trace your device from this lost/stolen track link.

Link to trace the lost/stole mobile: Lost/Stolen Mobile Status by NTA

Keep in mind, approving the form generally takes 1-2 days during office hours. After the form gets approved, you can check the same link above to race mobile and get details whether your mobile is traced or not.
Frankly speaking, after doing all the process above, people should have patience of at  least 15 days. Because getting a phone back just in 1-2 days have never been a practical because to trace mobile, working sim should be put in mobile handsets.

If someone insert the SIM cards in the above registered IMEI no handset then, you will receive the document from NTA. You need to take this document and the mobile no and visit the nearby Nepal Police. The Nepal Police will call that number and will help to get the handset back.

Lost Mobile Found Notification:

After the registration have been completed, NTA begins tracking of the lost IMEI through its telecom operators like Nepal Telecom and Ncell. As in above iPhone lost case, we got the lost/stolen device use detected message from NTA.

Lost/Stolen Mobile found notification by NTA

2. Nepal Police:

Nepal Police have been providing this service from very early before NTA have started service. In order to complain for lost or stolen handset you should visit the nearby local police station. However, in order to find your lost mobile phones, it should be lost or stolen within Nepal. Earlier, Nepal police separately investigate the mobile lost/stolen case but now, Nepal Police also take the support of NTA. Or you can ask by calling 100 for detail process of filling the case for loosing/stolen. They will guide you details. Also these lost/stolen cases are under the Cyber security cases and specialized police are there to help you.

In you live in Kathmandu, before earthquake, this lost/stolen cases are reported in Hanuman Dhoka and after earthquake, this have been shifted to the premise of  salt trading corporation at Teku. If you visit there you will find the separate block to handle these issues.
There you need to fill the form including details of the phones model. After that you should visit there more frequently like 1 day a week or in 10 days. However if police get your phone back, they will call you. Check this link for lost/found database updated by the Nepal Police. However, I suggest that you to wait for NT

One real example: My friend have lost the mobile and got it by the help of Nepal Police. He have waited for 1 month to get his phone back. During that period, he used to visit nepal police office regularly.

I suggest that you do these both process because both are free. Also don’t forget to follow up for police case more frequently.  

If this post “how to find lost mobile phone in nepal”have helped you, share it so that your loved one will also get benefited.  Furthermore, don’t forget to give your views in the comment section.

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37 thoughts on “UPDATED 2024-Lost your Mobile? Nepal Police, NTA will get your phone back

  • Sristee D Dahal

    Mero phone ta use detected bhanera katti dherai choti email aaisakyo teha madhye Euta phone number police ko Pani xa chor police saga nai mileko hunu parxa Mero phone harako 1 year bhaye Sako maile 8 month aagadi listen device bhanera register gareko aaba k garna sakxu ghare ghare email aairahanxa use detected bhanera

    • Tyo use detected details Nepal Police lai share garnu na ani Police lai call garna bhannus.

  • Smritee Shrestha

    I submitted an online form for my stolen phone after a year. The next day, the status indicated “device found,” but I didn’t receive any emails. I went to the police station, and they advised me to wait for the email, but it never came. I reported my phone as lost again, and it’s been a week with no “device found” status. How is this possible? Initially, it showed “device found”—does the thief know they’ve been tracked? Please reply. Also, I recently lost my new phone as well.

    • Didn’t you receive the email with the SIM card which have installed in your device? If any SIM is inserted in the lost/stolen mobile, then NTA sent it through email. I suggest you to visit the NTA office bulding Jamal with your valid ID card. They might find the best solution for you as you too have already tried from your end.

      • Smritee Stha

        I am not from Kathmandu, so I cannot go to the NTA myself. Can I send my relatives there to find out the information? If yes, what documents should they take with them?

        • Yes you can try sending to the NTA office building and get the right suggestion from there.

          • Smritee Stha

            I received a message stating ‘Device use detected after lost date!’ I downloaded the PDF and went to the police station. After inquiring, it was found that the person was not the real culprit (I’m not sure if this is true). If it is true, should we fill out the form again or should we wait for the next status update?

            • How do you know that the person was not real culprit? How did he got your phone? Did that person buy from other person? My suggestion is to find clue from that person who have your handset now with the help of police.

              • Smritee Stha

                The real culprit convinced the person to insert their SIM card into my phone to check if its working or not (under a fabricated story). After confirming my phone was working, the person removed their SIM card and inserted it back into their own phone. The number was then recorded by the NTA.

              • Smritee Stha

                The real culprit convinced the person to insert their SIM card into my phone to check if its working or not (under a fabricated story). After confirming my phone was working, the person removed their SIM card and inserted it back into their own phone. The number was then recorded by dursanchar.

                • You should deal as what police suggest coz they would help to find the fraudulent one.

  • Arbind Chaudhary

    hello sir mero mobile chai 2021 mai harako thiyo Tetibela pni NTA web site ma stolen ma report gareko thee ani police ma pani report gareko thiyo t rw result aayen tespasi feri mw vhakarai 10 din aagadi feri NTA ma stolen mobile report garesi tehaa baat e mail aayo Lost mobile number mero rw euta found number vnerw tw rw found number ma call garda chai received garirako xain abb kasari yo mobile linee hola m vnn dinu paryo sir

    • Sir, Nepal Police lai gayera bhannus with mobile no and the document. Nepal Police will certainly help for this. Indeed sorry for the delayed response.

  • Radha sah

    sir mero phone hara ko ek mahina vayo maile report garna mil xa?
    phone ko ime number 865961059715190
    khoj dinu na sir!!

  • Bishal Bhattarai

    I have rent a room since 7 month in Birtamode Jhapa .
    Yesterday night my phone has been stolen .
    Please sir help me.

  • khemraj baing rai

    hello sir
    mero phone rog 2 harako 1 day vo pls hajur harle khojdinu saknuhuncha vaney

  • Dear sir I havel lost my mobile just now at thamel and my mobile no is 9808698495 Redmi Note 9 pro Max IMEI no is 865528054682095 IMEI2 is 865528054682103. my other contact no is 9841741442

  • Hello sir …
    I have registered file 2 days before I hope it’s going.. insearch I have been facing a lot of problem while losting my phone I hope you ll get my phone soon !

  • Hello sir …
    I have registered file 2 days before I hope it’s going.. insearch I have been facing a lot of problem while losting my phone I hope

  • Sabina Tamang

    Please my mobile looking

  • Rohan bhadur nepali

    Dear police help for my mobile lost plz help me I need my mobile important data 🙏 mobile IMEI:862851056340691

  • Khem Bahadur Pachabhaiya

    Can we find mobile with only imei number because the sim used in that mobile is blocked and another sim on the same number have been taken to use in another phone

  • Sangam Tamang

    Can we file report after 1month ?

  • Bishal

    is it possible to complain if we dont have imei no.

    • telecomkhabar

      I am glad. Share and let your friends know about this.

      • Santosh raut

        It’s almost 2 years running on but still I didn’t not get my mobile until now and monthly one time I follow up for my mobile teku police station


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