Parliament to investigate Supreme Court decision Ncell tax issue

Parliament committee to further research the decision made by supreme court favored with Ncell for the capital gain tax (CGT). Parliament committee was attracted to study the case of Ncell after parliament members raised the questions against supreme court.

Members of committee brought up the questions regarding the boundary right of the supreme court. This is because, recently, supreme court have rejected the capital gain tax issued by the large tax payers office to the Ncell. Ncell have gone to supreme court against the decision made by the large tax payer office. Tax office have directed to Ncell to pay Rs 69 Arab accumulating all the fines.

The head of the members, Krishna bhakta Pokhrel have stated that,”this is the public interest subject so members have drawn attention on this, taking care of the boundary of the supreme court”. So, in the next meetings, members will investigate the details.

Supreme court have made decision on Ncell previously for four times. Each time, the decision have been different. So members are feared whether such diversifying decision leads to a different path.

Some members on committee have questioned that “Do supreme court hold the decision in calculating tax as done by tax payer office?”. So some legal questions also have arise due to decision by the supreme court.

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